About us

Our Story

Arogya Care is one such startup which...

 will be helpful in solving a very big problem of our society. That problem is lack of right information at the time of illness, lack of a right guidance, lack of a right counseling, choosing the right doctor, choosing the right hospital, etc.  Our Patients can get any of the following free information only through WhatsApp, for which our expert team will guide them.

  • Precautions, prevention and symptoms of disease at the time of illness so that the disease does not get bigger
  • Free Online OPD Consultation (By Best Doctors)
  • Free online counseling (so that the patient remains positive)
  • At the time of illness, from which yoga and exercise should be done etc.
  • Information about any government scheme related to health
  • Book our Volunteer to take the patient to the hospital (with public support amount)
Our Approach

Welcome to Aarogya Care’s website ! Our site holds a wealth of information about the right information at the time of illness who wants a Patient as well as right guidance, right counseling, right doctor, right hospital, etc. I believe we have an outstanding staff – physicians, healthcare and support personnel – whose ultimate goal is to provide best care possible in a respectful and compassionate manner to a patient who needs. We are continually looking for new ways to be better at what we do.